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If you are an attorney or you have a situation that requires a court qualified forgery expert, you should call our office immediately. We can help with all legal cases as an expert witness or forgery & forged documents.

Dianne Peterson is part of a network of highly trained forgery experts nationwide that have testified in all 50 states, foreign countries, and years of experience. In fact, if you speak to our clients (attorneys and individuals), they will tell you that expert witness testimony and professional written declarations have led to settlements, jury decisions, and even appellate decisions in their clients favor. The fact is… hiring the right forensic document examiner can help you win your case. In fact, the choice of the right forgery expert witness is one of the most important decisions you will make. Talk to Dianne first, so she can give you professional guidance. This is her expertise.

If your case involves any of the following issues, call our office right away for a short initial consultation.

  • Last Wills and Testament, Trusts, Forgeries
  • Probate Documents
  • Contracts and Signatures
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Forged Checks
  • Threatening Notes & Letters
  • Handwritten slurs on a wall
  • Forged Suicide Notes
  • Theft of Real Property, Deeds, Real Estate Fraud
  • Disguised writing and handwritten notes
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Attorney Consulting
  • Handwriting Analysis forgeries.
  • College Handwritten Final Exams
  • Deposition Reviews & Strategy
  • And Forged Signatures.

Here’s our promise: You’ll get the most professional, objective, and honest assessment of your forensic documents available in the USA.

Call our office today before you send any documents and we’ll tell you how quickly we can turn your case around, what any fees will be charged, to the penny, and any estimated travel fees if we have to come to court in your state.

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